6 Feb 2009

Guadalcanal leaders get first hand view of Solomons flooding disaster

12:58 pm on 6 February 2009

The mayors and chiefs from Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands have seen the damage caused by flooding in an area of the island where seven people lost their lives.

Nearly a week after the disaster, food, water and emergency shelters have reached the affected areas, with more shipments being delivered over the next few days.

However, the Solomon Islands Management Disaster spokesman Julian Makaa says seeing Kambolo, where the villagers died, was a shock.

"I could see the whole area covered in water, and the member for the area was commenting while we were flying over that was the first time he saw the floods actually covering the whole valley."

Julian Makaa.

Emergency food, water and shelters are slowly filtering into the affected areas with deliveries being shipped into the disaster areas.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand government says it will make an initial contribution of just over 50,000 US dollars to help people affected by the floods.