3 Feb 2009

Manihiki looks to boost tourism

12:23 pm on 3 February 2009

The mayor of Manihiki Kora Kora says he's confident they can convince tourists to choose Manihiki as a holiday destination but it won't be easy.

The population on Manihiki is just 280 with many opting to leave for New Zealand and Australia, and Mr Kora says encouraging tourists to holiday there will go some way towards boosting their economy.

He says he's confident tourist numbers will grow over the next few years, but at the moment the cost to fly to Manihiki 700 kilometres north of the main island Rarotonga is not cheap.

"The airfares to Manihiki alone is 26-hundred return, we have different type of tourists that is coming up there we have the tourist that wants to spend more time in Manihiki so by saying that we will see a boost in the next couple of years."

The mayor of Manihiki, Kora Kora