29 Jan 2009

More rain predicted for Fiji while flooding has occured

3:59 pm on 29 January 2009

The Metservice in Fiji warns that the country can expect more rain, while some areas of Vitu Levu have already suffered flooding.

Alipate Waqaicelua, forecaster at the Metservice, says a weakening cyclone which has moved away from the country in addition to a trough has caused heavy rain to fall.

"The topic of concern in Fiji now is the associated trough linked into the cyclone. It's now sitting across Fiji causing alot of rain in the past 24 hours over Suva and in near by towns and parts of those places are flooded."

Alipate Waqaicelua expects more rain will fall in the area within the next 48 hours as the Metservice has also recorded an active system to the north of Fiji.

Mr Waqaicelua says the weakening cyclone named, Hettie which isn't a threat to neighbouring countries because he predicted it will die away before midnight tonight.