15 Jan 2009

Our Telekom and Bank of South Pacific sign an agreement in Solomon Islands

11:45 am on 15 January 2009

In Solomon Islands, Our Telekom and Bank of South Pacific have signed an agreement for Our Telekom to supply the data links connecting BSP's seven branches in Solomon Islands.

The SIBC reports the new agreement is necessary as part of the conversion that BSP will be making to its computer system which is scheduled to be completed by end of the first quarter 2009.

Once this conversion is complete, BSP will introduce a suite of electronic banking services which will include among others ATMs, Internet Banking and others.

The country manager for BSP, Mark Corcoran, says the bank has been working on this project for some time and would not have been possible without the assistance of Our Telekom.

The Chief Executive of Our Telekom, Loyley Ngira, says that this agreement shows the long-term partnership with BSP.

He says it also indicates Our Telekom has the capacity to support its customers for national and international date link connectivity which is vital for banking services in Solomon Islands.