29 Dec 2008

New Zealand called on to take initiative and re-open dialogue with Fiji

2:35 pm on 29 December 2008

The Auckland-based Coalition for Democracy in Fiji says New Zealand needs to take the initiative and quickly re-establish dialogue with the Fiji interim Government.

This comes after a diplomatic stoush resulting in the high commissioners of both countries being expelled.

The Coalition's Nik Naidu says while Fiji is at fault it is up to New Zealand to take a lead.

"Whether directly or indirectly using a third country or party is possibly the way to go, because if dialogue doesn't continue and if things break down then the consequences for both New Zealand and Fiji - I am talking about the states and the people - is very dire. So it's important that somebody initiates something and moves on and keeps talking."

On January 27th the leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum countries are to meet in Port Moresby to discuss Fiji's unwillingness to hold elections in March next year.

Fiji's interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has indicated he will attend.