13 Nov 2008

Legal battle in Samoa over water bottlers' name

4:25 pm on 13 November 2008

A three-month-old bottled water business in Samoa, the South Pacific Water Company, is facing a legal action to stop it using a name that's almost identical to that of a business established more than six years ago.

South Pacific Waters had earlier registered that name.

It is challenging the newcomer which has been set up by Fred Grey, the owner of Aggie Grey's Lagoon Resort at Mulifanua.

Mr Grey's company is already selling into Australia and New Zealand with plans to extend to the US and Japan next year.

The plaintiff's lawyer says in a court submission there's no doubt the use of the same name by the defendant is a breach of the Fair Trading Act, and an infringement of his client's rights.

South Pacific Waters has been operating for six and half years with their product being sold locally, but it is also considering exporting, using the same name.