11 Nov 2008

Fiji treason inquiry of Qarase's 2006 actions continues

5:02 pm on 11 November 2008

Fiji police have confirmed that they are still investigating the ousted prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, for alleged treason.

According to the Fijivillage website, the police commissioner, Commodore Esala Teleni, says Mr Qarase is being investigated for allegedly asking for foreign intervention from the Australian and New Zealand prime ministers when the military was about to stage its coup in December 2006.

Commodore Teleni said they are also carrying out consultations with the DPP's office.

The allegation is that Mr Qarase had asked the New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard to intervene militarily.

Police had earlier said under the Penal Code, any person who instigates any foreigner to invade Fiji with an armed force is guilty of treason.

And according to the Penal Code a person found guilty shall be sentenced to death.