10 Nov 2008

Further cuts possible as USP aims to become lean and agile

4:46 pm on 10 November 2008

The University of the South Pacific Vice Chancellor, Professor Rajesh Chandra, says he wants a leaner and more agile institution.

The USP has been forced to make cutbacks because of budget shortfalls, resulting in a faculty being cut and 98 undersubscribed courses dropped.

But Professor Chandra says a second stage of the redevelopment could see more substantial cuts.

He says this is part of creating a financially sustainable university that can more easily respond to the region's needs.

"The cutbacks that we are making, and they have been prompted initially by the budgetary issues, should have occurred in any case to reposition the university, particularly now we are in the 40th year - we are celebrating our 40th anniversary - and we are very satisfied with the many contributions the university has made, nonetheless, like any organisation we really need to rethink, reposition, reshape."