7 Nov 2008

Bougainville candidates line up to succeed Kabui

4:10 pm on 7 November 2008

Four prominent Bougainvilleans have already put their names forward to contest the Presidency of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province, following the issuing of election writs on Thursday.

Nominations remain open for a week with the election to begin in December 6th.

The election follows the sudden death of the province's first President, Joseph Kabui, last June.

There will also be a by-election for the vacant Ramu seat in the ABG assembly.

Those expected to contest presidency include the ABG Speaker, Nick Peniai, former separatist militant leader Sam Kauona, a longtime MP in the national Parliament Sam Akoitai and James Tanis, who also ran in 2005.

The PNG national government has allocated 1.4 million US dollars to help pay for the election process, which will also include a by-election for the vacant Ramu seat.

The writs are due to be returned on December 31st.