24 Oct 2008

US Drug Enforcement agency investigating airport search in Saipan

10:24 am on 24 October 2008

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has assured the CNMI government that it is investigating the alleged mistreatment of 147 Chinese tourists, who were subjected to intensive body searches at Saipan International Airport on Oct. 3rd

Timothy J. Landrum, the agent in charge of the DEA's Los Angeles Field Division, has adised Governor Benigno R. Fitial that he has ordered "a complete and full review" of the incident.

Landrum also called for a continued partnership between the DEA and local law enforcers in combating narcotics in the Commonwealth.

He made this appeal after the Governor withdrew local customs and police officers from a DEA-CNMI task force.

Although the searches yielded no illegal drugs, some contraband items such as illegal plant and animal products were reportedly intercepted during the operation.