23 Oct 2008

Australia's High Commissioner in Samoa warns about seasonal workers scam

2:50 pm on 23 October 2008

Australia's High Commissioner in Samoa, Matt Anderson, has pointed out that Samoa is not part of his country's Pacific seasonal workers pilot scheme.

It came as thousands of young Samoans apply for work through a Brisbane-based agent who is reportedly trying to fill 2,000 places in the Australian horticultural industry.

The High Commissioner says the Australian government has not given any organisation approval to recruit large numbers of workers from Samoa in

low or unskilled occupations.

Mr Anderson advises people to be very wary of any person or organisation claiming this is the case, particularly if they are seeking a fee for inclusion in any recruitment scheme.

Australia's seasonal workers pilot scheme only applies to Kiribati, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea.