15 Oct 2008

PNG to aid opening of SPC office in Port Moresby

4:08 pm on 15 October 2008

A Papua New Guinea Government official says his country is committed to opening an office for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in Port Moresby.

The PNG High Commissioner to Fiji, Peter Eafeare, says the proposed office will better address the needs of PNG and other countries in the western Pacific.

Mr Eafeare says the plans for the office are now with his Government, which believes a collaboration would be very helpful.

"Because it has significance in that with their presence there on the ground - at least there will be someone there to man the office with a small detail of staff to work closely with our National Agricultural Research Institute, which they are already doing, and our National Quarantine Office, because of the Government's Green Revolution policy in agriculture and also in relation to biosecurity and other related issues."

The agency, which is headquartered in New Caledonia, also has offices in Fiji and Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia.