10 Oct 2008

British government announces compensation for Pitcairn child abuse victims

12:20 pm on 10 October 2008

The British government has confirmed that victims of child sex abuse on Pitcairn Island are able to apply for compensation.

The long-running abuse was uncovered in 1999 by a British police investigation.

Eight men were convicted and six were imprisoned on the island after an unprecedented trial process there.

The British Foreign Office Minister, Gillian Merron, said it was right to establish a mechanism to offer compensation to the victims of the past child sex abuse.

Ms Merron said the British government was working closely with its Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to ensure the levels of compensation would be comparable with the amounts awarded in Britain.

She said that what had happened to these women was terrible and no amount of money would take that pain away.

She added she hoped the compensation would give them some recognition of their suffering.