26 Sep 2008

The crowd set to go wild over annual rugby league match in Port Moresby

9:54 am on 26 September 2008

It may not be the Australian National Rugby League final, but Papua New Guineans treat the annual match between their national team and Australia's Prime Minister 13 with just as much enthusiasm.

Five thousand locals are expected to pack into the small Port Moresby Stadium, while hundreds more will find vantage points including trees.

PNG league coach Adrian Lam says it's a fantastic event enjoyed by the fans and players.


Australians love it but the PNG' people as well, these NRL players from Australia are their gods you know, they've got their gods that play in their local competition then they've got the NRL players that come over so it's a huge game for everyone and it's always sold out tthere's never been a non sellout every match and they go crazy.

However, PNG's footy passion, frustration with team performances and lack of discipline has led to crowd violence in the past.

But PNG police inspector Andy Bawa says while security is ready they are confident it won't be needed.