24 Sep 2008

Solomons looks to neighbours for ways to reduce political instability

10:00 am on 24 September 2008

A conference seeking to find solutions to the negative impacts of political instability that have plagued Solomon Islands for much of its existence since independence 30 years ago starts today in Honiara.

The Government's Working Committee on Political Party Integrity Reform is convening the two-day conference on political stability together with the Australian based Lowy Institute for International Policy.

The Prime Minister's Office said the conference will provide a forum for focused discussion on viable solutions to political instability in the country.

It aims to identify the principal causes of instability and consider systems and models from the Pacific region and elsewhere that have relevance and applicability to Solomon Islands.

The Conference will recommend to Government and Parliament new ways of dealing with issues such as executive instability, weak political parties, the prevalence of 'no confidence' motions, electoral reforms, personal and electoral responsibilities, as well as the costs of frequent changes of government.