23 Sep 2008

Australian Prime Minister talks climate change with Commander of American forces

3:18 pm on 23 September 2008

The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has discussed the possible ramifications of climate change on small island nations during a meeting with Admiral Timothy J Keating, the commander of American forces in the Pacific.

The AAP newsagency says that on his way to New York for the United Nations General Assembly and meetings with American economic regulators, Mr Rudd had a brief stopover in Honolulu, where he met Admiral Keating, who heads the US Pacific Command

Their discussions included Australia's proposal for a new Asia-Pacific community, defence co-operation and the challenges facing Pacific island nations, such as the threat from the impacts of climate change.

The threat of global warming is creating rising sea levels which could threaten the viability of some smaller Pacific islands including Kiribati and Tuvalu where there is the real possibility of displacement for the two tiny islands.