22 Sep 2008

Legislation called for in Solomons to prevent exploitation of girls

6:25 am on 22 September 2008

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women says there needs to be stronger legislation to prevent young girls being exploited by logging companies.

The deputy secretary of Isabel Province says logging companies target poor families and lure young girls to work as domestic servants.

Many then marry workers when they are as young as 15.

The Council's general secretary, Ella Kauhue, says the situation occurs in rural areas, where there are no police, and the chiefly system has broken down.

"It can only be stopped by having strong legislation in place, where it protects young women, and especially young girls. And also for the logging companies that are coming in i think there needs to be a very strong law, maybe within the department of forestry, I don't know, but I think the legislation in this country is not strong enough and is not protecting these young girls."

Ella Kauhue says it is happening all over the country, and to a large number of young girls.