10 Sep 2008

American Samoa Government still refusing to reveal reasons for controversial sacking

4:35 pm on 10 September 2008

There's still no word from the American Samoa attorney general almost a week after he sacked the assistant attorney general, Fa'amomoe Masaniai.

Mr Masaniai had brough corruption charges against four staff in the attorney general's office and local media have concluded this many have been behind the sacking, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Our correspondent in Pago Pago, Monica Miller, reports.

"Fa'amomoe Masaniai has gone off island but he says that he will be back. The only comment that has been made so far about his termination is that the candidate for governor, Moega Lutu, has said that he was really surprised and shocked at what happened with the firing of Mr Masaniai. He called Mr Masaniai a hero and he said it's people like him that the government needs. And certainly if he becomes governor he would love to have Mr Masaniai in his administration."

Monica Miller