8 Sep 2008

Rain finally stops in PNG's Morobe, but concerns about flooded food gardens

4:00 pm on 8 September 2008

Life is returning to normal in the Papua New Guinea province of Morobe after weeks of heavy rain which has resulted in widespread flooding.

Our correspondent, Oseah Philemon, who is in Lae, the provincial capital, says the sun is out today.

He says people are grateful there has been no loss of life, while the small number made homeless is being cared for by villagers.

But Mr Philemon says the major threat is that many food gardens remain inundated.

"See a lot of water is still sitting on the gardens and the sun, it heats up the water and that is going to destroy the food crops. So we could see a lot of people going hungry and we will be needing assistance, but that assessment is still being done at the moment."