5 Sep 2008

American Samoa Government still to explain shock sacking of deputy Attorney General

5:53 pm on 5 September 2008

There's been no word yet from the American Samoa attorney general's office into the reported sacking of the assistant attorney general, Faamomoe Masaniai.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says Mr Masaniai has been reportedly

sacked from office after he prosecuted four employees from the attorney general's office on corruption allegations.

Monica Miller says he has been associated with several high profile cases prosecuted by the government and has upset some when he said earlier on TV that corruption is rampant in the attorney general's office.

She says his sacking will have severe consequences.

"Masaniai has declined to comment and he said that he's been advised by his lawyer not to say anything. He's supposed to leave the island tonight. I do believe that there will be repercussions because he had been working very closely with the FBI, not just on white collar crime, but human trafficking, drug cases."

Monica Miller