1 Sep 2008

Vanuatu Council of Women urges people to vote tomorrow

10:28 am on 1 September 2008

The president of the Vanuatu Council of Women says people are getting involved in the country's election, because they are fed up with politicians.

A record number of 341 candidates will contest tomorrow's election, including nine women.

Manina Packete, who is also standing as a candidate for the chiefs' movement, says people need to know they have the right to talk to leaders, and they need to change their ideas of politics.

"They are fed up, they shouldn't waste their vote, they have to make that change. Politics is a dirty thing to get involved [in]. We have this mentality and attitude problem, but we have to change the way we see things. Be positive."

Manina Packete says she expects at least 7 women candidates to make it into Parliament.