26 Aug 2008

CNMI call to impeach Governor Fitial

1:35 pm on 26 August 2008

A lawmaker in the Northern Marianas, Christina Sablan, is calling for the impeachment of Governor Bengino Fitial.

Ms Sablan says Mr Fitial's actions might be technically legal, but they are fundamentally, ethically, and morally wrong.

She says they add up to dereliction of duty and a betrayal of public trust.

But his press secretary, Charles Reyes Jnr, says the call for the impeachment is unreasonable and has no support from lawmakers.

He says the CNMI Constitution is quite clear that a governor may be impeached if he commits a felony or treason, if he is involved in corruption or negligent in his duty.

Mr Reyes says none of those situations applies to the governor.

Ms Sablan is also calling for the resignation of Lt. Governor Timothy Villagomez, who has recently been indicted on criminal charges.