22 Aug 2008

Solomons government intervenes in logging by tsunami survivors

1:49 pm on 22 August 2008

The Solomon Islands government has decided to log a 200 hectare forest in Western province to prevent illegal logging activities on the same land.

The area had been logged by the British in the 1960s, but trees were re-planted in the 1980s.

After last year's tsunami, refugees settled on that land and they are now illegally felling the trees to build temporary homes.

Our correspondent, Richard Toke, says the government is now countering their action.

"It's the illegal felling of the trees that's taking place. The government wants maximum value out of those logs. They'll be doing an inventory to get a rough estimate of the value of the logs before putting out a public tender for interested logging companies to come and chop down those trees."

Richard Toke