18 Aug 2008

SPC to launch organic agriculture strategy

10:27 am on 18 August 2008

The SPC says they hope governments in the Pacific region will support an organic strategy now being developed for agricultural produce.

The Secretariat of the South Pacific has teamed up with experts from the region and around the world to develop and research it.

Stephen Hazelman, whose the coordinator of information for land resources division, says they implemented the project funded by IFAD, an international fund for agricultural development.

Mr Hazelman says they've also had the help of IFOM - the international federation of organic movement, who will help to promote the Pacific organic standard.

"The project is setting out to develop two outputs. One is the Pacific organic standard, and the other is to develop a strategy, a strategy on developing organic agriculture in the region."

The organic standard will be officially launched in Samoa next month.