12 Aug 2008

Fiji police investigate long delay over arrest warrant for Suva lawyer

7:33 pm on 12 August 2008

Police in Fiji are investigating why it took so long to issue an arrest warrant against a prominent Suva lawyer.

Ratu Savaneca Komaisavai, was taken in for questioning after expressing his thoughts on national television in regards to the draft People's Charter and the proposed new form Great Council of Chiefs.

He was released after questioning about his remarks, which police thought might be seditious and inciteful.

After his release, he was arrested within hours on a warrant relating to an alleged assault more than two years ago.

A policespokeswoman, Ema Mua, says the two coinciding matters were in no way linked and no one knows why the arrest warrant was not served before now:

"That's the million dollar question we are looking at realy why were the police not vigilant two years to do this, CID investigating why this file was never brought up and who was in charge of the file and why now the case has been brought to light because as you say he is a very significant lawyer and he is always to be seen in the corridors of the court."

Ms Mua says she understands the assault charges are related to a domstic incident