7 Aug 2008

PCRC opposes Fiji charter's role for military

7:25 pm on 7 August 2008

The Pacific Concerns Resource Centre says Fiji's military needs to stay out of government, despite the proposed people's charter recommending it takes a greater role.

In an attempt to end Fiji's coup culture, the charter suggests redefining the role of the military to bring it closer to the people.

But a campaign director for the PCRC, Ema Tagicakibau, strongly condemns that.

She says the military's involvement in the last three coups mean it should stay away from government.

"We don't agree with the recommendation that it should even be involved any further than what we are currently experiencing. If what we are going through is any indication of what future military involvement will be like then i think every law abiding citizen of this country must strongly condemn that call."

Ema Tagicakibau says the charter's logic, credibility and process have all been questionable.