7 Aug 2008

Papua cholera death toll approaches 150

1:49 pm on 7 August 2008

A Human Rights Organisation says nearly 150 people have died and many more are affected by a cholera outbreak in the Indonesia's Papua region.

There have reportedly been cholera outbreaks in Papua since the beginning of the year.

Paula Makabori, who works for the Institute of Papuan Advocacy and Human Rights, says Indonesian health officials do not pay any or enough attention to the problem.

Ms Makabori says the Papuans need help urgently.

"The outbreak of cholera has resulted in 147 deaths. The local people report that there's no serious attention from the government. There's no medicine, no doctors who look at the situation."

Paula Makabori says she has written to the World Health Organisation about the outbreak about two months ago, but hasn't received a reply yet.