6 Aug 2008

Fiji Consumer Council shocked at size of fuel price rise

1:18 pm on 6 August 2008

Fiji's Consumer Council says today's petrol price rise will affect everyone, but rural communities will be hardest hit.

The interim Ministry of Finance has approved a price rise of motor spirit, diesel, kerosene and premix outboard fuel from today.

Motor spirit has increased by 18 US cents to 1.60 US $ per litre, and diesel by 22 US cents to 1.55 US$.

The Council's chief executive officer, Premila Kumar, says the price rise is shocking.

"In rural and outer islands they still use kerosene for lightning and also they use kerosene for cooking and they also need diesel for transportation. They are badly affected. You'll be paying a much higher price for petroleum products, as the freight will be included as well."

Premila Kumar says the average motorist will also be hit hard and predicts consumer goods may increase as well.