6 Aug 2008

Fiji taxi drivers say fuel price rises will kill the industry

9:56 am on 6 August 2008

Fiji's taxi drivers say today's petrol price increase will kill their 8000 people-strong industry.

The interim Ministry of Finance has approved a price rise of motor spirit, diesel, kerosene and premix outboard fuel from today.

Motor spirit has increased by 18 US cents to 1.60 US $ per litre, and diesel by 22 US cents to 1.55 US $.

The taxi union general secretary Rishi Ram says this is the sixth petrol price rise this year and it's totally unacceptable.

"This is a big blow not only for the taxi industry but for motorists at large. This is the biggest increase we ever had. Looking at the whole scenario, this has killed the taxi industry and it's come to its knees now."

Rishi Ram says union members will have a meeting on Sunday to discuss their next step.

However, bus fares have been subsidised and won't increase.