4 Aug 2008

Niue's Premier wants to see action with Forum plans

5:52 am on 4 August 2008

Niue's Premier, who will shortly assume the chairmanship of the Pacific Islands Forum, says he wants less theoretical discussion and more emphasis on implementing programmes in the region.

Niue is to host the Forum summit later this month and Premier Toke Talagi says he is confident the island is ready for the task.

The Forum's Pacific Plan will be a key agenda item in the summit with officials to indicate which parts of it are ready to implement...the so called low hanging fruit

"Whatever that has been in place in the past three years that require implementation, I would like to see that happen. We will wait to see what the officials will advise us, what their recommendations are with respect to that, we will certainly take the recommendations and ensure that we pick the fruit that you refer to as quickly as possible to benefit all of in the Pacific."

Mr Talagi wants to see practical steps taken to help the region cope with the rising costs of fuel and food, and climate change.