1 Aug 2008

Fiji's military denies keeping tabs on ousted leader

2:48 pm on 1 August 2008

Fiji's interim government has admitted monitoring politicals statements by the ousted Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, but denies keeping track of his movement.

The regime's spokesperson told Radio Legend that the military is monitoring political party statements and the movements of people like Mr Qarase.

After the 2006 coup, the military banned Mr Qarase from the main island for nine months and upon his return to Suva reimposed a state of emergency.

But Major Neumi Leweni denies the military is keeping track of the deposed Prime Minister's movements, and says it is just keeping tabs on what he says .

"If we do think there's somebody significant that we need to monitor we will, but for now, there's no-one. And if there is anybody, we wouldn't tell you.... Basically, most of the thing he's saying are things that he's said before so when we do hear the same things, we switch off."

The spokesperson for Fiji's interim Government, Major Neumi Leweni.