1 Aug 2008

Expert from NZ to help Solomons police investigate traffic accident

10:31 am on 1 August 2008

A motor vehicle accident expert from Wellington will be arriving in Honiara to assist in the investigations into the RAMSI police accident that killed a Solomon Islander in June in Honiara.

A car driven by an off duty, allegedly intoxicated, RAMSI police man, hit and killed a nurse.

Commissioner of Police, Peter Marshall confirmed the expert would be arriving next week as part of the request for more information by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

"One of the principal enquiries concerns having an expert motor vehicle accident inspector arrive at the scene to make a detailed physical examination of the scene. Now we don't have that particular expertise in Solomon Islands and we have now secured the services of an expert from Wellington in New Zealand."

The Commissioner says since the officer was off duty he will not be covered by the immunity from prosecution that applies to RAMSI personnel.