29 Jul 2008

2006 Coup was Fiji's economic saviour, says Chaudhry

8:32 pm on 29 July 2008

Fiji's Interim Finance Minister has described the 2006 military coup as the saviour for Fiji's economy the Growth Domestic Product forecast to exceed 1.7 per cent.

The Fiji Times reports that, with the country's foreign reserves standing at nearly 600 million US dollars Mahendra Chaudhry has announced Fiji looks to be on the road to economic recovery.

He was responding to critics, who have recently spoken on Fiji's economy, describing its impact on the economy as comprehensively negative.

Mr Chaudhry says not all coups have done well for the country's economy but has painted a stable economy picture for Fiji, comparing statistics of past years on employment, exports, inflation and foreign reserves.

He says the 2006 coup saved the country from a total economy collapse.