24 Jul 2008

French minister blames Tahiti politics for instability

3:37 pm on 24 July 2008

The junior French overseas territories minister, Yves Jego, has blamed the political instability in French Polynesia on the quarrels and personal ambitions among local leaders.

In an interview with the Nouvelles de Tahiti newspaper, Mr Jego says communes depend on the politicians in Papeete which forces the mayors to enter into engagements that destabilise the territory.

He says there is no point in changing the electoral system if there are practices that pervert the electoral systems.

Mr Jego says the proof is that the system was modified twice and nothing had changed.

He also says he has heard a call for French Polynesia to be put on the list of UN territories to be decolonised but he says this is put forward as if helped the local people get better living conditions .