23 Jul 2008

Widespread support essential for success of Fiji project to combat domestic violence

3:39 pm on 23 July 2008

The director of Fiji's Department of Women says a pilot project to curb domestic violence needs everyone's support.

The Violence Free Community project got underway this week at Korotoga Village in Sigatoka.

It aims to have a village allocate part of its land for crops to help sustain the whole community.

It is believed this will help counter violence because the tension over the struggle to feed the family is seen as one of the main causes of violence in the home.

Dr Tokasa Leweni says the project is something positive that communities can easily do in the face of increasing reports of domestic violence.

"Its too much to bear. Because the reports to police on violence against women is always on the rise and the characteristics of it has changed. You know it's not only the wife being beaten by the husband. Its even amongst ...from father to daughter, and women to women. And its really developed other characteristics. So that's why we really need to address it. And it needs everyone."

Dr Tokasa Leweni, the director of Fiji's Department of Women