23 Jul 2008

Mobile vans lead to more Pacific women being screened for breast cancer

3:38 pm on 23 July 2008

New Zealand's Associate Minister of Health believes giving women easier access to breast screening has contributed to the rise in the number of Pacific women being screened.

Figures released this week show 19-hundred Pacific women in New Zealand have been screened in the past two years an increase of nine percent.

Ms Chadwick says the Minister of Pacific Island Affairs Luamanavao Winnie Laban has helped to raise the awareness among Pacific women by going public with her breast cancer treatment.

She says the mobile vans which were donated by New Zealand's Cancer Foundation two years ago, and other services make the process simpler for Pacific women.

"There is funding to assist Pacific Island women to go the screening units which aren't the mobile units, and is always those barriers to access where people decide it's too hard - I know I should do it because I think a lot of people know the value of screening."

Associate Minister of Health Steve Chadwick.