21 Jul 2008

Papua New Guinea police capture alleged bank heist mastermind

1:56 pm on 21 July 2008

Papua New Guinea police believe they have caught the mastermind

behind recent robberies at Bank South Pacific branches in Madang and Kerema.

The newly formed major organised crime intelligence team has arrested William Kapis Nanua along with at least fifteen accomplices, including four police officers, in relation to the bank heists.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that Mr Nanua's capture was the culmination of months of investigative efforts by detectives.

He has been on the run from police for at least two years after escaping custody under the pretext of receiving medical attention.

Mr Nanua has been wanted for questioning over a series of major crimes such as the BSP robberies, in which around one point two million US dollars was taken, a plane hijacking and the murder of a policeman in Kimbe several years ago.