9 Jul 2008

PNG police imposters to be shot on sight, says Commissioner

8:57 pm on 9 July 2008

Papua New Guinea's police commissioner says officers have been ordered to shoot on sight any criminal wearing a police uniform.

Mr Baki announced the measure after a weekend robbery in which criminals wearing police uniforms stole 800.000 US dollars from a bank in Madang.

Mr Baki says the uniform belongs to the Queen, and its reputation should not be tarnished by criminals.

The robbery of the Bank South Pacific branch in Madang was the second such raid on a BSP bank in as many months.

Both included criminals wearing police uniforms, the taking of bank managers and their family as hostages before the robbery was carried out.

Commissioner Baki says he will dedicate all available resources and manpower of the Constabulary to capture the criminals involved in the recent armed robberies.

Police in the Madang's neighbouring Morobe Province have arrested three suspects for the Madang robbery but laid no charges.