30 Jun 2008

Resignation of unpopular Solomon Telekom CEO keeps workers happy

3:20 pm on 30 June 2008

Solomon Islands Telekom workers are reportedly satisfied with the resignation of the company's chief executive officer, Martyn Robinson.

After 17 years in the job, Mr Robinson handed his resignation to the board following the recent strike by Telekom employees demanding the positon be filled by a local.

The workers had a list of demands for Telekom management, including grievances over retirement packages and other work conditions.

But the workers' lawyer, Billy Titiulu, says their main demand was for the removal of Martyn Robinson, who they say has presided over indiscriminate practices within the company:

"Some wanted him to go immediately. But we explained there is a process involved and you can't just get him out of the Solomons without giving him a chance to do the proper handovers and so yes they [the workers] are happy. I had to advise them that's the best they can get."

Billy Titiulu says Telekom's Board has produced a series of resolutions in its attempt to avoid further industrial action.

He says these include assurances that workers won't be held accountable for Telekom's losses incurred during the strike.