26 Jun 2008

Solomons High Court hearing issues raised by Telekom strike

9:59 am on 26 June 2008

In a hearing late yesterday, the High Court of Solomon Islands issued an order, that no-one should damage Telekom property or threaten Telekom staff.

Chief Justice Edwin Goldsbourgh also ruled, if the orders were violated, they would be punishable by the courts.

He said the court is also considering an application by Telekom for a

return to work order to be issued.

The outcome of that application will be decided today when the court resumes.

The Chief Justice encouraged those employees who want representation to consult their legal representative before the hearing.

Solomon Telekom took the case to court late yesterday following the deliberate sabotage of its main fibre optic links in the capital which has drastically affected all communication within and outside Honiara.

The Solomon Islands Police Force, RAMSI Police and Military are increasing their presence on the streets of Honiara as the strike continues.

The Police Media Unit says the move isa precautionary measure to counter any possible disturbance as a result of the nationwide strike by Telekom employees, which is now into its second week.