19 Jun 2008

Niue parliament elects Toke Talagi as new premier

6:19 pm on 19 June 2008

Niue has a new administration led by Toke Talagi after a vote this morning by the country's MPs.

Mr Talagi had a clear victory of 14 votes to five beating the incumbent premier Young Vivian.

Mr Vivian has been in power for the past two terms.

Mr Talagi, who is a former finance minister, is expected to announce his three-member Cabinet within days.

Former MP Hima Douglas says the vote was a clear call for change but Mr Talagi has some difficult economic decisions ahead of him.

"Whatever Toke is planning to do in the next three years, I think he's got an uphill struggle to put the country back on track again. He's going to have to put in some measures that could prove unpopular with the people but these are all necessary measures and I think he and his cabinet are going to have to bite the bullet right from the beginning."

Former MP Hima Douglas.