16 Jun 2008

RAMSI treating fatal accident involving one of its personnel ' with extreme seriousness'

7:45 pm on 16 June 2008

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands says the death of a woman on Saturday after being struck by a RAMSI vehicle will be thoroughly investigated.

RAMSI paid for Hilda Ilabae's body to be flown back to Laga Laga in Malaita Province for her funeral today.

RAMSI's deputy coordinator Jonathan Austin says apologies have already been given to the Prime Minister and the victim's family.

He says they are taking the matter extremely seriously, and two investigations by local police and RAMSI are now underway.

"From a RAMSI perspective I just want to emphasize the extreme seriousness with which we are taking this event. It is really very tragic, we are very sorry to the family. The loss of life is always regrettable. And this is a very tragic turn of events."

RAMSI's Deputy coordinator Jonathan Austin.