16 Jun 2008

Reputation of Samoan police officers with RAMSI "tarnished" by fatal traffic accident in Honiara

10:50 am on 16 June 2008

Samoa's police commissioner, Papalii Lorenese Neru, believes the

reputation of the Samoan police officers serving with RAMSI has been tarnished following a car accident that killed a Solomon island woman.

The officer was the driver of a RAMSI vehicle that was involved in the incident.

In a statement, Papalii has confirmed that both the driver and another Samoan police officer who was an occupant were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

He says one of the officers is being held by RAMSI while the other has been flown to Brisbane in Australia for medical treatment for injuries, which the police commissioner says are not too serious.

The Prime Minister of Samoa has written a formal letter of condolence to the Solomon Island government and family of the deceased.

The Commissioner is expecting a full report on the accident from RAMSI's commander tomorrow