16 Jun 2008

American Samoa Bus Association wants fare review

10:43 am on 16 June 2008

American Samoa's Bus Association says its writing to the Commerce Commission to appeal their latest increase in bus fares.

The Commission, who regulates commercial transportation in the territory, say bus and taxi fares are going up 50 cents across the board from July 1.

But the president of the territory's Bus Association says not only has the cost of maintenance gone up, but also the cost of goods and services including the price of fuel.

Bus fares last rose 4 years ago and taxi fares more than 15 years ago.

Toafa Vaiaga'e says they're frustrated that the Commission ignored their recommendation last year to increase bus fares by $1.

"It's just a hoax. And I would say that it is very, very unfair to us, because these small businesses are suffering of the consequences of paying high gasoline and high fuel and diesel for instance. But, [very unfair] , but we'd be requesting for at least $1 to be added to the base fare, which I think would be fair across the board."