11 Jun 2008

Cook Islands appears likely to adopt Aitutaki Sunday flights proposal

7:41 pm on 11 June 2008

The Cook Islands Government looks set to adopt a proposal to allow Sunday flights from Rarotonga to Aitutaki.

Religious groups had circulated a petition opposing the move, which received more than 900 signatures on the island.

A cabinet submission was made today, by the deputy Prime Minister, Sir Terepai Moate for a 6 month trial of the sunday air service, with all one of the cabinet ministers endorsing it.

Reverend Tuvaine Glassie the of the Religious Advisory Council of Aitutaki, says they will continue to fight to stop the flights.

"'There's a lot of things going on in the newspaper, people of Aitutaki are saying things like World War 3 is going to happen on Aitutaki, they're going to blow the plane up when it lands on Aitutaki, they're going to dig the runway out, and all these things but we the ministers of the churches of Aitutaki are asking the people to please continue protesting in a very peaceful manner."

Reverend Tuvaine Glassie