9 Jun 2008

Niue's leadership in the balance after latest poll

3:31 pm on 9 June 2008

The premiership of Niue hangs in the balance following yesterday's election.

The highest polling candidate, Toki Talagi, says he will be meeting with other successful candidates over the next 48 hours to see whether he has the numbers to challenge for the premiership, presently held by Young Vivian.

"We will be holding meetings with a number of the new candidates as well as some of the existing members to see whether we have the numbers to form a new Government."

The caretaker Deputy Premier Fisa Pihigia says if Toke Talagi does make a challenge, he will consider throwing his hat in the ring for the top job.

Mr Pihigia says he thinks he has a better chance than Young Vivian of beating off a challenge from Mr Talagi.

Mahetoi Hekau, one of three new members of the legislative assembly, says she supports a change in leadership but that its too early to say who she will be supporting.