4 Jun 2008

ARC yacht cruise stops in Niue

3:16 pm on 4 June 2008

Niue's tourism industry has received a lift as the first of several dozen yachts taking part in a 15-month long world rally have been arriving for a 72-hour layover.

The boats are competing in the ARC cruise which began in the Caribbean six months ago.

They leave for Vava'u later this week.

An official with the ARC organisation, Clare Pengelly, says they have received a great welcome from Niue with great support from public officials..

"I believe they've got extra staff on at the bank to help with the influx of people needing New Zealand dollars and everybody is bending backwards to accommodate us. It's been fantastic. And we had a welcome party last night and in fact this afternoon is our official welcome party with the premier and we've got the local high school, the local high school children are going to do a dance for us."

Clare Pengelly