26 May 2008

Forum Working Group still waiting for promised election timetable from Fiji regime

4:16 pm on 26 May 2008

The Fiji/ Pacific Islands Forum Working Group has reiterated its call on the Fiji interim government to finalise the timetable for the election preparations at the earliest opportunity.

The interim regime had advised the Forum last year that it would hold elections by March 2009.

Last week, however, the interim prime minister and military commander, Commodore Bainimarama, said there would be no election unless the military-backed so-called People's Charter was approved.

This comes amid the refusal by some chiefs and political parties to follow the institutional process staked out by the interim regime.

The Working Group was advised that discussions were continuing between the office of the interim Attorney General and the Constitutional Offices Commission on the appointment of the Supervisor of Elections.

The Working Group was briefed on the proposed political forum on electoral reform which the Commonwealth Secretariat and the United Nations have been invited to facilitate.

The group has met 29 times so far and is to meet again in two weeks.