22 Apr 2008

New Caledonia remembers 1988 Ouvea killings

1:47 pm on 22 April 2008

New Caledonia today commemorates the 20th anniversary of the fatal hostage drama on Ouvea.

On April 22nd 1988, four French policemen were killed by Kanak separatists which led to a two-week hostage drama during which 19 Kanaks and two French soldiers were killed.

A ceremony in Fayaoue has been organised to mark the tenth anniversary of the reconciliation sought between the police and the Ouvea residents.

On this day in 1998, a first ecumenical service was held in memory of all who died in the violence.

The Ouvea violence was followed by top-level talks between the territory's rival camps and culminated a few weeks later when the Matignon Accords were signed.