21 Apr 2008

Samoa government to ban smoking in public places under new legislation

2:28 pm on 21 April 2008

The Ministry of Health in Samoa has tabled in parliament proposed legislation aimed at banning smoking in several public areas such as public transport, and restaurants.

The legislation also plans to stop retail shops in the country from selling tobacco to people under 21 years of age.

The legislation was tabled by the Minister of Health, Gatoloaifa'ana Amataga Gidlow, and went through in the second reading with nearly all MPs in both sides of the house supporting it.

The minister says the move will be of great benefit to children and non smokers who are affected by other people's smoke.

The legislation is also looking at banning the manufacture of cigarettes.

The minister for the Ministry of Revenue, Tu'uu Anasi'i Leota, says despite the huge financial contribution to the economy made by a local tobacco company, his ministry fully support the bill because it's for the good health of the people.